How it Works – Our Process
Follow the Pre-Consult Requirements:
  • Submit payment for Medical Records review to Confirm eligibility for MMJ treatment.
  • Complete the Medical Intake form and submit your medical records.
  • Once your records are reviewed, one of our team members will contact you to confirm eligibility and set up a Video appointment with the doctor.

    Prior to your appointment, you will submit payment for the doctor's visit. We will then provide you a link for your HIPAA compliant Telemedicine web consult/follow up visit.

    On Computers, simply allow microphone and camera use. On mobile devices, you will download the App. The doctor will then video call you for your appointment.
  • Now you will have a video consultation with our doctor who will go over your condition and discuss certification for Medical Marijuana treatment.

    A high speed connection and desktop/laptop is recommended but not required. That's it, easy as 1-2-3!
 Patient Medical Marijuana Card

Once you receive your certification from us, you will be able to register online for a medical marijuana card with the Department of Health. Certification by our doctors is usually given for 1 full year, but may vary by patient. Your certification and patient medical marijuana card must be shown when buying medical marijuana at a dispensing facility. The patient medical marijuana should be carried by the patient. To purchase products, click here for a list of dispensaries throughout New York State.

Video Consultations & Follow Ups

Whether it's an initial consultation or follow up visit that you need, you can easily book your appointment with us here. If you need assistance with your video conference call, our dedicated staff members can make a Home Visit to help you. Please note that Home Visits are only available for patients in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx. Get started now!


Step 1: Medical Records Review is required prior to requesting Initial Consults and Home Web Consults.
Follow Ups apply to patients who completed their initial certification with us and need medical marijuana recertification.  If you were not initially certified with us, please complete Step 1: Medical Records Review.

Initial Consult

Video Call - Initial Consultation for medical marijuana certification with physician.

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Home Web Consult

Home Visit - Video call for initial consult for medical marijuana certification with physician.

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Video Call - Follow Up for medical marijuana certification renewal with physician.

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Home Visit - Video call for follow up consult for medical marijuana certification renewal with physician.

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Payment is for review of medical records, video consultations and followups, and is nonrefundable. Payment is not a guarantee for medical marijuana certification. Certification is solely up to the discretion of the physician.