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After payment, you'll be directed back to our website to fill out the Medical Intake Form with your brief medical history. Once we review your information, we'll contact you to confirm we can proceed with certification and schedule you for the video consult with the doctor.

Just 1 video consult is needed to get your medical marijuana certification.

At least one of the qualifying medical conditions and supporting medical records* are required to be eligible for medical marijuana treatment.
If you don't have your medical records on hand, no worries - we can obtain them from your doctors free of charge, while ensuring your privacy.

* Medical records include the latest Office Visit Report from your doctor such as your primary care, psychiatrist, oncologist, neurologist, orthopedic or pain management physician and/or the latest imaging reports (MRIs, CT scans, Xrays, etc) if applicable and available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text us at (516) 537-8520. We're here to help!

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Review of Medical Intake Form and medical records to confirm your eligibility for medical marijuana treatment


Payment is solely for review of medical documents and to obtain medical records from physicians, when necessary. Once confirmed you can be certified, we will send you an invoice, schedule your video consult with the doctor and proceed with medical marijuana certification.

If you've already paid the fee for Medical Intake Form and need to go back to complete the Intake Form, please click here: Please note: Medical Intake Forms will not be processed without payment.