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After payment, you'll fill out the Medical Intake Form with your brief medical history. Once we receive your information, we'll confirm your eligibility and schedule you for your video consult with the doctor.

You must be a resident of New York State and at least 18 years old, or parental/guardian consent is required for those under 18 years old. At least one of the qualifying medical conditions and supporting medical records* are required to be eligible for medical marijuana treatment. If you don't have your medical records on hand, no worries - we can obtain them from your doctors.

* Medical records should include imaging reports (MRIs, CT scans, Xrays) if applicable, and latest consult reports from your doctor(s) such as your primary care, psychiatrist, oncologist, neurologist, orthopedic or pain management physicians.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (516) 537-8520. We're here to help!

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Review of medical records to determine your eligibility for medical marijuana treatment


Payment is solely to review medical documentation and to retrieve medical records from physicians, when necessary. It is to confirm your eligibility for medical marijuana treatment before your video consult is scheduled with the doctor.

Payment is for review of medical records to confirm eligibility for medical marijuana treatment, and is nonrefundable. Payment is not a guarantee for medical marijuana certification. There is a separate payment required for the video consult with the physician and certification. Certification is solely up to the discretion of the physician.